Muddy good fun at the LRO Show 2017

  • Posted on: 1 April 2017

At around 3.7 miles long, and taking the best part of 30 minutes to drive, the LRO Show's 2017 off-road route at Yarwell Quarry near Wansford is truly spectacular.

The Pro-Trax team behind the LRO Adventure Club spent days choosing and finessing the route with diggers, which resulted in a mesmerising number of steep climbs, descents, axle twisters, mud pools and some devilishly tight turns through the woods. Plus, the essential splashing through the lake. The verdicts from those we spoke to last year was that it was the right mix of difficulty and length, without being too tough for standard Land Rovers to enjoy – and non-damaging.

That’s the whole point, so it was great to see a huge range of models taking advantage of it. They included battle-worn Series vehicles, well-prepared Defenders with extreme suspension and trick diffs, and even brand-new Discos and Defenders getting their first taste of serious off-roading terrain.

We look forward to seeing what this years track produces!