Check out the club stands

  • Posted on: 14 December 2017


We've managed to cram in over 60 clubs, so make sure you go for a good walk round. Clubs dedicated to single models, like the Land Rover Series One Club and Series 2 Club, have large stands so you can check out a wide range of classics and chat to owners about the pleasure - and sometimes pain - of ownership. And the Range Rover Register and Discovery Owners' Club always have a bevvy of beautiful vehicles on display. If military vehicles are your thing, check out the ex-military area. Fancy joining the 4x4 Repsonse network and helping others? The group has a sizeable stand with reps from all areas of the UK. Sign up and help out. But just want to do some off-roading, competition or adventuring? No problem; there's a club for you. Grab a show guide and make sure you see all the stands. they're a major part of the show.